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Past Projects


From 2011 – 2015 Michael Lawrance managed safety at CGT Castlemaine Goldfields underground and surface mining operations.
Michael Lawrance & Associates has provided intensive OHS Development assistance to Northgate Minerals in their Victorian Goldmines (Stawell and Fosterville) during 2007-2008. Prior to this Michael Lawrance & Associates provided physical ergonomic services to the Stawell site for eight years including the piloting of the “Be Your Own Ergonomist” model.

Michael Lawrance & Associates provides leading professional OHS services to the shearing industry and is the OHS provider of choice to all industry organisations and OHS regulators. Numerous projects and services have been delivered during the previous 20 years including writing the original material for the Australian and New Zealand OHS regulators’ Shearing OHS Guides.

Horse Racing
As a part of professional OHS and industry team based at VIOSH Michael Lawrance worked on this leading safety project in the thoroughbred horse racing industry throughout 2005. This project addressed safety in this large, dangerous and complex industry to identify the problem areas and the means of rectifying these problems.

Civil Construction - Ergonomic review and selection of plant & equipment with a major national road and quarrying business.
Building & Construction - Safety management development with builders. Michael Lawrance has a background of hands on work in both housing and commercial heavy construction during the shearing off seasons over a 20-year period prior to training professionally.

Michael Lawrance & Associates has extensive experience with physical ergonomics and injury rehabilitation with large manufacturing and process organisations throughout the previous 20 years.

Office Work
Michael Lawrance & Associates has provided physical ergonomic services to Women’s Health Victoria and numerous other office-based work environments in the public and private sectors addressing workplace design, equipment and staff development.

Meat Industry
Physical ergonomic, OHS development and manual handling related injury projects have been provided by Michael Lawrance & Associates to the meat industry including site safety systems, ergonomic equipment reviews and workforce training.

Manual handling injury prevention training and development have been provided to the heavy transport sector over a period of ten years developing the “Be Your Own Ergonomist” model.

Manual handling related injury prevention services in workplace design, staff training and injury management have been provided to a range of health and medical service providers from the Royal Childrens Hospital to small generalist regional aged care facilities.

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